Ari Rastegar – The $250 Million Mark

Ari Rastegar is the founder of Rastegar Equity Partners , a private investment firm based in Dallas, Texas. He founded Rastegar Equity Partners in 2015 to provide investors with exceptional investment opportunities.

The firm’s clients, he says, are leaders of their own firms and in their own fields, who in turn look to Rastegar Equity Partners to lead them to wealth through investment. “Our investors are doctors, lawyers, CPAs, business owners, registered investment advisers,” he said. They also include public pension funds and family offices. “They invest as an alternative for their clients. We have a lot of high-net-worth people that invest with us.”

Rastegar Equity Partners looks to invest only in the safest and strongest institutional-grade commercial real estate projects. The firm amassed eighty-five million dollars in assets under management in 2015, and expects to pass the $250 million mark in 2016. While investments may be national, Ari Rastegar has a strong passion for the Lone Star State, with about twenty percent of its global portfolio centered in Houston. “I’m a Texas native,” he said, “born in Austin, raised in Dallas. I’m so bullish on Houston. What I love is oil prices have tanked the way they have, and overall the economy is still growing. I have a rosy outlook for Houston, and I have a rosy outlook for Houston even with oil prices low.”

Ari Rastegar is a graduate of Texas A&M University, where he majored in English and minored in Spanish. He later attended St. Mary’s University School of Law, where he earned his Juris Doctorate. He makes his home in Dallas.