Ari Rastegar – Financial Freedom

Ari Rastegar is the founder and CEO of Rastegar Capital in Dallas, Texas. He founded the firm in 2015 with the goal of building wealth for his clients.

Everyone, he says, is working for financial freedom, but he says the term means different things to different people. “It’s being able to look at your life in a way, define what your income is, and define what your costs are – on a monthly basis, on a yearly basis – and be able to live with a certain amount of breathing room, and not constantly having to chase something that doesn’t exist.”

Financial freedom also means not feeling beholden to your finances, so that you can live your life the way you want to. But he says such things are relative. “You have people in certain walks of life that have their house paid off, and their kids are taken care of, and they live a life of freedom. But any time that you’re looking at a situation where you’re constantly not able to afford, or your spending habits are outpacing the lifestyle that you’re living, you’re in a slavery.”

There are many ways to achieve financial freedom – as many, in fact, as there are definitions about what financial freedom really means. And in the final analysis, each of us must decide for ourselves what financial freedom means, and how it fits.

“Financial freedom is not being a slave to money,” Ari Rastegar said. “It’s behaving and acting in a certain way, without having to ask your money for permission.”

Ari Rastegar – Saving Money

Ari Rastegar is an attorney and professional investor who says that saving money is a good thing. You aren’t likely to get much disagreement with him there. We all need to save money for a lot of different things, many of them having to do with security and safety. We need to save for reasons both short and long-term.

“I think the most important thing is, people don’t know where they’re going, and certainly, they don’t know where they were,” he says. He is the founder and CEO of Rastegar Capital in Dallas, Texas. “And what I mean by that is, people don’t watch their spending habits. They don’t know where their money is going on a monthly basis. They just end up being short. Whereas I think the most important thing to do is, review your historical financials. And I don’t care if you’re a college student, or have a six -figure income, you know, and two kids; it’s very important as a family, or as an individual, that you look back on your previous year, certainly your previous three months, and have a systemized budget. Have something in place where you know what your fixed costs are.”

Ari Rastegar says you have to treat yourself like a business; you must be the CEO of your own life. “Look at where your rents are, where your static recurring costs are, and try to find those savings. But until you define reality, savings will be some idea that just never ends up happening.”

Ari Rastegar – There’s Really No Secret

Ari Rastegar is the founder and CEO of Rastegar Capital, and a “millennial millionaire” who says one of the keys to wise investing lies in good health.

“What people don’t get is, or they don’t think about, is that your body is all you have,” he said. Treating it poorly with bad eating habits is going to impede the performance of the brain. “So if my brain isn’t working, how can I think clearly? And if I’m not thinking clearly, you think I’m going to make the right investment decisions?”

The secret to good health, he says, is that there is no secret. “You eat the things that don’t have labels on them. You eat the boring stuff. That’s the secret. So there’s really no secret. Eat all the stuff that you’ve been told to eat your whole life, like your broccoli.”

Many health experts would agree. Eating more whole foods – those things that don’t have labels on them – is the best way to improve health and prevent disease. To put it another way, it means eating food that is minimally processed; that looks about the same as it did growing naturally.

It also means consuming a lot of plant-based food. “And if you’re having a substantially plant-based diet, if you eat certain types of lean meats, try to stay away from the red meats as much as you can, it’s basic common sense. But the problem with common sense is that not many people really have it anymore; it’s not so common.”

Eating right to stay healthy has allowed Ari Rastegar to put in the long hours it takes to succeed. “The better I treat my body, the better my hormonal function is; my aptitude is higher, I can be awake longer without being tired. Which all plays into the strategies that would make someone successful.”


What is a “whole foods” diet?

Interview, May 25, 2016

Ari Rastegar – The $250 Million Mark

Ari Rastegar is the founder and CEO of Rastegar Capital, a private investment firm based in Dallas, Texas. He founded Rastegar Capital in 2015 to provide investors with exceptional investment opportunities.

The firm’s clients, he says, are leaders of their own firms and in their own fields, who in turn look to Rastegar Capital to lead them to wealth through investment. “Our investors are doctors, lawyers, CPAs, business owners, registered investment advisers,” he said. They also include public pension funds and family offices. “They invest as an alternative for their clients. We have a lot of high-net-worth people that invest with us.”

Rastegar Capital looks to invest only in the safest and strongest institutional-grade commercial real estate projects. The firm amassed eighty-five million dollars in assets under management in 2015, and expects to pass the $250 million mark in 2016. While investments may be national, Ari Rastegar has a strong passion for the Lone Star State, with about twenty percent of its global portfolio centered in Houston. “I’m a Texas native,” he said, “born in Austin, raised in Dallas. I’m so bullish on Houston. What I love is oil prices have tanked the way they have, and overall the economy is still growing. I have a rosy outlook for Houston, and I have a rosy outlook for Houston even with oil prices low.”

Ari Rastegar is a graduate of Texas A&M University, where he majored in English and minored in Spanish. He later attended St. Mary’s University School of Law, where he earned his Juris Doctorate. He makes his home in Dallas.